Dream Job!

Trust me, OS X and Pro Presenter is the industry standard for a church media hub using Worship Presentation software.  If you do not have the standard, please see some of my tutorials on how to use alternative solutions for your community.  Maybe the US Army can buy bundled licenses for the chapels, along with 27″ iMac’s with Retina 5k display!  Or maybe, someone can build upon some of the open source solutions and create a better piece of software.  If not, purchase a copy of pro presenter at Renewed Vision for $399 (no military discount) and you are in it to win it!  I work at a chapel right now (JFK Chapel) as the Creative Arts pastor, and we use a 2006 PC running Windows XP…but we are able to make fine wine out of lemons!

I’ll post a more detailed review on when it rolls out next is a sneak peek:


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