Leeches are those unimaginative people that suck away all of your ideas, products, and hard work.  They do not care 2529768-3x2-340x227about collaboration, care about your initiatives, or even care about their own growth.  So let me be clear; leeches are everywhere.  They are slithering their way through the Chaplain Corps, they slowly infiltrate their way through organic ministry, and they leave bad tastes in the mouths of the unprepared.  But do not be afraid of them, do not get mad at them, and definitely do not try to hide from them.  I enjoy feeding leeches and then giving them a harmless pat on the back.  Steal freely!

So here’s my .02….maybe you are a leech, maybe you suck people.  If so, remember you can become more constructive and even creative if you are transparent with your intentions.  On the other hand, if you feel you are getting sucked, then give the little sucker more food and a pat on the back.  Ugh Leeches…


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