umtI do not envy the military leadership that has to put together a relevant and dynamic LRTC for the ever-changing, ever-evolving, and ever-missing military chaplain corp.  I think of training as an opportunity to refresh, inspire, and share.  Do you leave a mandatory training refreshed, inspired, and ready to share?  So here are some thoughts regarding UMT training…

– Worship.

1.  (1) monthly comprehensive training for UMT’s on an installation

2.  Offsite location?

3.  Do not have classes.

4.  Incorporate distinctive faith groups spiritual formation.

5.  Have silence and forget the food.

6.  Share ideas.

7.  Ask questions.

8. Fellowship in small groups.

9. Have free massages, mani/pedis.

10.  Give the UMTs encouragement to do ministry as wounded servants in a broken world.

– Record & Repeat.

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